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June 04 2024
On-Demand RRD Webinar: “Addressing Challenges Faced by Emerging Biopharma”

Thanks to all who attended RRD’s May 30th webinar, “Addressing Challenges Faced by Emerging Biopharma.” If you missed the event, or if you would like to view it again, click here to watch it on demand. See below for more information about the webinar.

If after watching the discussion you have any questions for Tony and/or Scott, please contact us here.


Studies suggest that only 10% of biotech start-ups that enter clinical trials survive. The reasons for failure are complex and many are uncontrollable (e.g., data from preclinical models not translating to therapeutic activity in patients). However, there are many controllable factors that contribute to program failures, the gravest of which is the failure to definitively answer the question about efficacy of the drug. Unforced errors because of an unclear strategy, poorly designed or poorly executed development plan, or failure to establish a skilled development team are leading factors. Without an understanding of why a program failed, investors often conclude that the drug failed, they pull financing and move on to their next investment. The speakers will discuss their perspectives on some of the fundamental challenges facing emerging biopharma and how to effectively navigate them. Managing and minimizing the controllable development risks is essential to a successful development program – one that answers the critical question of whether the drug works, or not.


Anthony McKinney
Founder & CEO, Ethismos Research

An industry veteran with over 34 years of biotech and pharma experience, Anthony is a serial entrepreneur and has played lead roles in the founding and growth of high-potential early-stage biotech companies. He has a track record of adding shareholder value to emerging biotechs through strategic partnerships and successful exits, raising over $300M in private and public financing. Anthony has 16 US patents, multiple scientific publications, and major involvement in two US drug approvals.


Scott Tarrant
President and CEO, RRD Biopharma Development

Mr. Tarrant has over 25 years of experience in the biopharma industry and has had a lead role in the start-up, growth, and successful exits of multiple biopharma services companies. As CEO of RRD Biopharma Development, he and the RRD team have been instrumental in delivering results across all major therapeutic areas, helping their partners achieve over $3 billion in deal value. He brings a unique perspective to overcoming some of the challenges faced by emerging biopharma.